What is Influenster?

To sign up for Influenster, use my link: http://www.influenster.com/r/707650! I’m new to Influenster, but already a huge fan! I’ve received five VoxBoxes since signing up in June, 2014!  So whats a VoxBox? They vary. You may receive one specific to a brand or product or some come with a mix of products around a central theme. They’re completely free. … Continue reading What is Influenster?

Wipe for Water with Neutrogena Naturals

You've probably used a makeup removing towelette before and you may love them or you may be like me and see no real use for them. I've never been one to spend money on makeup removing towelettes when a bottle of CVS brand makeup remover is less expensive. Plus, it just seems wasteful to use … Continue reading Wipe for Water with Neutrogena Naturals

College Cheerleading: Getting “The Look”

Being a cheerleader requires athleticism and looking good at the same time. To be a cheerleader means you are put on a platform to be the epitome of sportsmanship. With everyone looking at you, it's only natural to want to look good while doing it. I walked in to my college cheerleading tryout at the … Continue reading College Cheerleading: Getting “The Look”