Notes from the picky girl

I’m picky and I always have been. It started with food and carried over to other parts of life.

Growing up, I only ate cheerios and drank milk. Elementary school, it was grilled cheese, chicken nuggets and cheese pizza. Even in high school, my diet was limited and I wasn’t willing to try new foods. I couldn’t tell you why I had this quality, I had just learned to deal with it.

edf7e80d59911ae2a38e7e6cf689738bMy pickiness didn’t apply to just foods. It applied to boys too, and it still does. I’m surprised my family hasn’t had an intervention about how I haven’t brought home a guy from college and rarely talk about boys or dates. They probably think I never even talk to guys.

They’d be wrong if they thought this. It’s not that I don’t have guys interested or I’m not interested in any guys, it’s that I am incredibly picky about them. I’m not just picky about physical features, but their morals, beliefs, intellect, interests and hobbies. I look into how they treat others, how much they care about school and what they want to do with their future.

We could all make a list of characteristics, traits and qualities we look for in a man. We’d be lying to ourselves if we thought we’d find someone who met everything on that list (because my list is pretty outrageous).

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have a wish list for qualities in a man, or that you should abandon that wish list and date anyone. I am saying keep your standards high, but don’t eliminate a guy from potential dates because he only meets nine out of ten qualities. Pick out the characteristics and qualities you value most in a man, and hold on to those.

If he isn’t religious and has no willingness to change that, I can pass on that one because that is a quality I value very highly. But if he is a Philadelphia Eagles fan while I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan, I might be able to let that one go and give him a chance.

Who knows, there may be someone out there who meets your entire wish list. If so, I hope you find him. I hope you treasure them and never forget how great they are.

As for me, I’m choosing to be a little less picky with food and with men. I still eat Cheerios every morning, but I’ve tried sushi (gross), bell peppers (delicious) and brussels sprouts (not bad).

I continually find comfort in knowing God has someone for me. I just haven’t met him yet. So I’m not focusing on this aspect of life or worrying about it at all. It’s all about trusting His plan and His timing. I could talk for hours about how God’s plans were far different than mine, but how I am so happy to have followed His path instead of my own.


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