Why a neutral eye wins every time

IMG_5651-1While sitting on my couch enjoying my morning coffee and watching Kathy Lee and Hoda on the Today Show, I was shocked when this twenty-something woman came out wearing electric-blue eyeshadow. I had to do a double-take. This is 2015, not the 1980s right?

This is something I’ve come across a lot recently, and not just blue eyeshadow. When doing Jordan and Payton’s makeup for their dance recital when I did their Fun & Fancy Sock Buns, Jordan was shocked when I wasn’t using a pink eyeshadow to match her pink jazz costume.

She was persistent in telling me her eyeshadow needed to match her costumes, but I ultimately won our little dispute. Besides, she had a blue tap costume, a black modern costume and a purple hip-hop costume. There was no way to match all those colors to her eyeshadow. We settled on a darker brown and tan for Jordan, and a subtle grey with dark grey accents to make her eyes really pop for Payton.

It took a while to convince the two that a neutral colored eye was the way to go. I told them your eye makeup will go with anything when it looks good with your skin tone.

Eye makeup doesn’t always have to be dramatic. I always think back to that Full House episode where DJ tries to figure out how to put on makeup. Aunt Becky came in and saved the day with this line:


“The secret to wearing makeup is to make it look like you’re not wearing any.”

Woah, right? Who would have thought? Now I’m not saying you can’t go all out and have fun with your makeup and do a dramatic eye, because I love that, but a subtle look can go a long way!

A blue eyeshadow wasn’t doing much to enhance the features of the girl on the Today Show. It made her skin look pale and her eyes stand out in an unflattering way.  Now I’m not saying colored eyeshadow has no place in your drawer, because it does (on Halloween).

I have occasionally pulled purples into my eyeshadow routine, but muted tones and only to accent my hazel eyes. No crazy colors outside of my Naked palettes. My favorite eyeshadow color is still Buck by Urban Decay. I’ll put just a little bit of that on my crease and blend it out before my 8 a.m. class to look fresh and awake. It’s the perfect, matte shade and it looks natural.

I stick to neutral colors for everything eyeshadow, even for days when I want a smoky eye. You can always create a darker eye look with browns and even pulling in some black. When creating a smoky eye, create dimension by making sure to put lighter shades on the inside and keep the darker colors on the outside corner. Don’t forget to blend! Naked eye look 3IMG_4780My current favorite look is from my Naked palette using Toasted and Hustle. I start by taking Sin (1) on the inside corner of my eye and then take Toasted (2) through the middle part of the lid. I’ll apply Hustle (3) and blend it out to the outside corner and up into my crease. I like to top it off with Virgin (4) on my brow bone to blend the crease line. 

This is an easy go-to look for when you need more of a statement eye, without it being too dark and dramatic. It’s one of those looks that instantly makes you feel really great about yourself! It has just enough to make your eyes pop without taking away from a bold lip. I wore this look to a concert over summer and put it with my favorite lipstick, Rebel by MAC.

I continually rotate my collection of neutral shades. I love neutrals because you can find a flattering makeup look that will look good with anything and everything you wear!

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