Boo Boo Cover Up: the Miracle Concealer

I’m finally feeling ready for fall after my insanely busy summer. I referred to it as my “Summer of 21,” and it was so much fun. I was scrolling through all 1,750 photos on my iPhone the other day (thanking Mom for splurging on the 64 gig storage), and I was amazed at everything I did all summer.


I hiked, jumped off giant waterfalls, traveled like crazy for cheer camps, celebrated some of my best friends birthdays, met so many new friends, helped improve a couple thousand high school cheerleaders in their crowd leading abilities (my favorite), spent time with my incredible teammates, celebrated weddings, spent spontaneous moments at concerts and white water rafting, and finished it all off with twenty-five days of non stop cheerleading. I counted all the days I spent either in a cheer practice or at a cheer camp and I spent fifty whole days doing cheerleading. Fifty. That’s a lot.

FullSizeRender-3          IMG_5044IMG_5338

I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s only natural to want to look good while presenting yourself to tens of thousands of fans at a game, or hundreds of cheerleaders as a camp instructor, or even just day to day life. I like to think it’s an occupational hazard as a cheerleader to have to sweat through a full face of makeup.

WIMG_4133hen it’s 25 days in a row of being required to wear makeup and  continually sweat, it only gets worse. You use makeup to cover up breakouts, sweat through that makeup, use more makeup to cover up the newly added breakouts and sweat through it all again. It’s a horrible, never ending cycle.

So what’s a beauty blogger with broken out skin, a long day of cheerleading ahead and having to look “game day ready” to do? I turn to my new favorite concealer, Boo Boo Cover Up!

Thank you again, Ipsy for introducing me to another amazing product. This one came in my mom’s Ipsy bag back in March. I don’t think she knows I stole it from her drawer (she’ll probably text me as soon as she reads this). At first I thought it was just a normal concealer with great coverage. I used it pretty regularly and loved the results it gave. Once the tube started running low, I went to check it out online to see if it was an outrageous price and worth ordering.31GbRjKiAxL._SS270_Little did I know what a great product I had been using. The formula is designed to help heal your skin while providing coverage. I couldn’t believe it either. A makeup product to cover my breakouts that will help take care of them too? It must be an actual gift from Heaven.

So, does it actually work? My skin would definitely be better off makeup free for a day or two to clear up, but if I do have to wear makeup, yes! It doesn’t fix it overnight, but it does help. I would definitely much rather use this concealer than any other makeup product. Plus, check out those dark-circle-free eyes at the Tim McGraw concert below! Getting rid of those dark circles was a life saver after more than three weeks of cheer camp!


To minimize the amount of makeup that I wear on days my skin isn’t up to par and I have to look presentable, I use Boo Boo Cover Up under my eyes, under my nose and anywhere that needs covering up. Oh, and it only takes a little! From there I’ll blend it out and down to my cheeks and top it off with a small amount of bronzer. I always finish it off with my favorite mascara. This keeps my face looking bright and fresh with minimal makeup.

I always get a lot of compliments on my skin when I do just this quick little routine, instead of a full face of primer, foundation, etc. It’s definitely a makeup product I would recommend. To read more about it, visit the website:

You can find it on amazon for $19.99 for a 10 mL tube. I received the 4mL tube in Medium from Mom’s Ipsy and it lasted for about four months, using it almost every day. I would absolutely consider this a makeup product worth the money and something I’ll continually keep in my makeup drawer. Yay for making those breakouts days look like good skin days!


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