Fun & Fancy Sock Buns


Sock buns are a great, easy way to create a chic look and can be dressed up or down.  The process is simple. Make a high ponytail, roll up a sock with the toe cut out and roll the pony tail down the sock. Easy, right? Well, not always. It takes a few tries to get it right and make sure your bun is smooth.

Of course, I had to put my own twist on the sock bun. I can’t say it’s an original idea, I first saw it onLifetime’s Dance Moms (can’t say I watch it anymore, too much drama).


However, I did figure out how to make the picture I saw on TV come to life all on my own.


Meet Jordan and  Payton, my two little BFFs every year around this time. We get to spend two days together playing with hair, makeup, tights and dance costumes galore in preparation for their dance recital.

It started out my senior year of high school when I was the assistant in a few of Jordan’s dance classes. She would come to me every week before her 4:00 p.m. class and ask me to french braid her hair. Next thing I knew, I was doing hair for both sisters at dance recital!


Jordan and Payton were super excited to be my hair models for this post!


I’ll show here two different ways to style your sock bun, one with a french twist and one with a french braid around. Both styles start the same.

Step 1:

Make a pony tail where you want your bun to sit, typically the crown or just below the crown of your head.


Step 2:

Pull your pony tail through your sock. For Payton and Jordan, I used a bun maker. Conair makes these and I prefer them over an actual sock because they grip and hold on to the hair well. You can also use hair pins and actually stick them into the bun maker. This helps keep it secure.


Step 3

Spread the hair out over the sock or bun maker. Use a comb to smooth the hair out and make sure it disperses evenly.


Step 4:

Use a hair tie the color of your hair and pull it over the sock and hair. Using a stretchier or more worn out hair tie is a good idea here. One thats too tight will be harder to get over the hair evenly without messing it up.


Step 5:

From here you have two options: french twist or french braid. For both, I always work clockwise and start at the front right of their head. Trial and error has proved starting here leads to the best results for me.

French twist: I spray a light hairspray over the hair I’ll be working with to make sure end pieces don’t stick out.


Starting with a piece of hair, maybe 1/4 in thick, I begin twisting the hair toward the bun. I’ll then pick up a piece about the same size and twist it in with the existing piece. This continues all the way around the bun. Be sure to  keep the twist close to the bun as you’re adding more hair to it.


As it begins to taper off, use hair pins to secure it in to the bun underneath the existing french twist. I use extra hair pins spread out across the french twist to make sure it’s secure for all the dancing Payton plans to do. For going about your normal day, securing the end with a few pins and hairspraying the hair before twisting should secure it enough! (You’ll notice in the picture below I also french twisted her bangs back:))


Now for my personal favorite, the french braided sock bun!

Once the hair is secured with a hair tie, I start in the same place as the french twist. Jordan has thick hair so it doesn’t take much to start. It will take some trial and error to figure out just how much to start with for your own hair.


I begin french braiding, but only picking up hair on the side connected to the bun. Continuing this all the way around, the braid will begin to flatten out around the bun. Again for this one, it’s important to keep the braid close to the bun as you continue french braiding around.


Jordan has just about the perfect length hair for this and her braid starts to taper off as it meets where it started. I continued braiding it around and like the french twist, tucked it under the existing braid, securing it with hair pins. IMG_3414


I finish both sock buns off with a light layer of hairspray to keep the fly-aways secure through all the headpiece changes.

Thanks Jordan and Payton for being my models and photographers! Isn’t their red hair just gorgeous? I also did my little sister, CJ’s french braided sock bun for recital (pictured at the top).


These sock buns are a great way to make yours stand out amongst all the other sock buns out there. You can make either of these more casual by loosening the pony tail so it isn’t so tight against your head, and loosening the bun itself to make it a little bigger.

I hope you like these and try them out! I’m a firm believer that your hair shouldn’t look the exact same everyday and you should switch it up every once in a while!

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