What is Influenster?

To sign up for Influenster, use my link: http://www.influenster.com/r/707650!

I’m new to Influenster, but already a huge fan! I’ve received five VoxBoxes since signing up in June, 2014! IMG_0267

So whats a VoxBox? They vary. You may receive one specific to a brand or product or some come with a mix of products around a central theme. They’re completely free. Yes, free! I’ve never entered any payment information to the Influenster website. The idea is to get you to try products, fall in love with them and share them with your friends through social media.

The Deans List VoxBox
The Deans List VoxBox

My first box was the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel VoxBox. The other two boxes were called the Dean’s List VoxBox and Reese’s Peanut Butter Spread VoxBox!

The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel VoxBox
The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel VoxBox

How does the program work? First you sign up on the website. (Use my link at the top of the page!) From there you will insert all your social media accounts, blogs etc. After that, you’ll answer questions called “Snaps.”  They’re simple questions with answers provided. They can be a little taxing, but you can always take a break and come back later!

After that you can see your Impact Score and play around on the site and review products. The Impact Score affects your chances of getting a VoxBox. A higher Impact Score means the higher your social impact is. Your Influenster site will look like this:

Influenster Dashboard
Influenster Dashboard

Now starts the waiting game. Based on the Snaps you answered, you’ll eventually receive an email asking you to take a survey specific to products you may receive. After completing the survey, you’ll receive another email a few days later letting you know if you’ll receive the VoxBox or not (almost always a yes!).

Once you receive the box, the “campaign” starts. You can review the products, post about them via social media and write a review on the Influenster website. There will be a survey at the end of the “campaign.” The survey at the end is crucial if you want to continue receiving VoxBoxes! IMG_0266

Influenster is a fun and easy program. Who wouldn’t want a box of surprises at their door?

About Influenster

from their website:

Influenster is a community of trendsetters, social media hotshots, and educated consumers who live to give opinions of products and experiences.

Influensters meet here to learn about new products from our favorite brands as well as review the products they already use in their day-to-day lives!

We invite our most active and social media savvy members to participate in exclusive rewards campaigns, such as:

  • – VoxBox campaigns where members receive complimentary full-size products to test and review!
  • – Interactive Twitter chats with celebrities and in-the-know experts
  • – Fun contests where members can earn sweet giveaways
  • – Special discounts on featured brands, services, and more!

In return, all we ask of our members is to do what they already love to do: share their opinions with their friends & followers on social media!

Influenster lets you flex your social media influence and earn rewards. Sign up now to give direct feedback to brands you love and claim ongoing VoxPerk offers, rewarding you with discounts for the Social Impact you hold.

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