Big & Bouncy Curls Tutorial

Some people are blessed with gorgeous hair, the rest of us have to work hard to achieve greatness. I’ve learned to enjoy the hard work and make it fun!

Pretty frequently I get asked, “How do you curl your hair!?” Well ladies, it’s actually pretty simple! I made a how-to tutorial on my big & bouncy curls. They’re super fun and easily dress up your look! I hope you try it out and find that curling your hair really isn’t too hard!


The more you practice the faster and easier it gets, if I’m in a hurry, I can curly my hair and be ready to go in less than ten minutes.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had friends come to me and say, “My hair just will not curl.” I have a simple response every time, “Let me try,” and I haven’t failed yet!


I wish you the best of luck on your future hair curling endeavors. Let me know if you try out my technique and tag me in pictures of how great you look!!

8 thoughts on “Big & Bouncy Curls Tutorial

  1. What a great video tutorial on curling hair! I don’t curl mine that often because it seems to take forever and I can never seem to get the curls to stay consistent in how they form/lay. But you made it look so simple and easy, that I may have to give your way a try and just practice with it! Thanks for sharing!


  2. My hair is so long and heavy! I seriously never thought it would hold curl but I tried this and it worked great! It stayed for literally two days. You’re a miracle worker


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