Outfit Repeater

Ever since middle school, I’ve lived in fear of being caught wearing the same outfit twice. I’m not sure when the idea formed in my head that this was a law in Girl World that I must abide by, but I’m glad I decided to stop living by it.

Maybe it stemmed from Kate Sanders who publicly ridiculed Lizzie McGuire at eighth grade graduation for being, “An outfit-repeater!”


Luckily, my school required me to wear a uniform from elementary to middle school. I loathed the khaki and navy pants or skort paired with either a white, red, blue or gold polo shirt. I had no idea how lucky I was until about the second week of high school when we were finally allowed to wear normal clothes. Suddenly, the clothes you wore said a lot about you, and the cool kids wore a different outfit every day.

What’s so wrong with repeating an outfit? I understand not wearing the same outfit twice in a week but to pair one pair of jeans with one top and then be forever banned from the combination just doesn’t make financial sense! Or what about a dress? Wear it once and then it’s done? I certainly don’t have the funds to facilitate this kind of lifestyle.

When I was in third grade I had a favorite outfit. I wore it every chance I got. My mom would do laundry just so I could wear it again and again. I was a 9-year-old without a care in the world as to who thought I was lame for wearing the same outfit over and over because it was my favorite!

So, what was this amazing outfit? It was Mary-Kate and Ashley brand from Walmart. It was a denim skirt with a lavender waistband and a matching lavender top with a silk collar and cuffs. I begged my mom to buy it for me every time we went grocery shopping. I believe it was actually one of my birthday presents that year!


I had this outfit that made me feel great about myself, because I was obviously hot stuff in it. I thought it was the cutest outfit in the world! So why do we now consider wearing an outfit more than once as being bad? If I feel good in it, I’ll wear it again! Yes, I will switch it up, wear it somewhere different, change the shoes or add different accessories, but I will not ban myself from re-wearing a great outfit! Channel your little-kid-self and stop worrying about what everyone else thinks!

Also, be glad you don’t look like you did in third grade!


9 thoughts on “Outfit Repeater

  1. Wow. This is SO true. I was totally the third grade girl who wore her favorite outfit at least once a week, and now I REALLY try not to. I love that you added pictures of your former favorite outfit too. That makes that much better!


  2. I totally went through the phase of not wanting to be an outfit repeater, but now that I’ve gotten older I see how ridiculous that sounds, not to mention expensive! This blog post made me laugh and was really relatable!


  3. It is so funny that I really didn’t stop caring about being an outfit repeater until I got to college. I was super tomboyish in elementary and middle school so high school when I started dressing cute I hated wearing the same thing twice. However, once I got to college I realized there are only so many combinations of leggings, shirts and shorts. Now I don’t even remember the outfit I wore the day before so it’s funny how the older you care so much less about that stuff.


  4. “Or what about a dress? Wear it once and then it’s done?” I’ve never read a truer statement. My s/o constantly says that she can’t wear the dress again after she’s worn it already and I just completely do not get it. If you like the way you look in something you should wear it as often as you want.


  5. This post was so great! I will always remember Kate Sanders saying that to Lizzie. Such a staple in our childhood! It definitely stuck with me for a while, especially because I wore uniforms from 3rd-8th grade. But when I got to college and even later on in high school, my outlook on this totally changed.


  6. I had to wear a uniform starting in Kindergarten till my senior year of high school. My primary school had to wear a specific uniform, think catholic school plaid skirt and jumper. I wore the same outfit every day and it was awesome. I was not a fan back then, but looking back I never had to think about what I was going to wear. In high school, I changed to khakis and a polo and that was SO difficult. I had to ask so many questions and could never pick out an outfit ahead of time because I would change it in the morning.


  7. This is so true! I remember that scene from the Lizzie McGuire movie like I watched it today. I went to a school that had uniforms from k-12th grade, and now that I’m in college I’m grateful I didn’t have to go through that kind of peer pressure when I was so young to wear something different every day.


  8. This was an awesome blog to read. Very fun to read! Being a guy when I was in elementary school I dont ever remember having a “favorite outfit” I just remember my mom always telling me what to wear to school that day. Great pictures of the matching outfits as well!


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