Sally Hansen® Miracle Gel™

I am all about saving money, so a two-step, at-home gel manicure sounds like a fantastic idea to me.

In the past I have used the Sensationail UV Light system to do an at-home gel manicure. I love this system and the great results that come with it. It does take time and practice to get a perfect manicure, but it’s worth it for lasting 10-14 days and all the 2

Being experienced with  Sensationail, I was skeptical of a nail polish claiming to be a gel without a UV light. Thanks to Influenster, I got to test out Sally Hansen® Miracle Gel™ nail polish! I received the color Redgy, an orange-red color and the top coat.

photo 1

The directions for this two-step manicure are simple.

  • Two coats of Step 1 (Color)
  • One coat of Step 2 (Top Coat)
  • Let natural light do the rest

I followed these directions exactly. The application brush is really big, making it hard to do a clean job, but that is what the shower is for, right?

After two coats of Color and one coat of the Top Coat, I sat still and let natural light do the rest. 1349527872724_3526240

First, I was thrown off by the color. This orange-red isn’t one of my go-tos. I tend to lean more towards pinks, purples, blues and the occasional neon yellow. My tip: have fun with color while you’re young!

photo 2

One layer of Top Coat

Second, I looked at the actual quality of my manicure. It does have a higher shine quality than your average top coat, but not as high a shine as an actual gel manicure. It feels like normal nail polish too. I like the thicker feeling a classic gel manicure has. It feels like it will last! The Sally Hansen® Miracle Gel™ lacks that feeling.

photo 1

Two layers of Top Coat

I did add a second layer of top coat to see if this would add the extra shine. It helped, but still not the same effect as a classic gel polish.

This polish is advertised to last 10-14 days, the same as your average gel manicure. I’ll  post an update soon to tell how long the polish lasts!



*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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