July Ipsy: Sensationally Sunkissed

My favorite time of every month is when my Ipsy comes in the mail! You can’t miss it in its metallic pink bubble wrap envelope.

This month’s bag is called Sensationally Sunkissed and is centered around all things summer and sunny. IMG_9363

IMG_9372The first product in my Glam Bag was Big Look Waterproof Mascara by Pür Minerals. I really like this mascara and am surprised at how long it lasts. The packaging is super cute and the big brush adds length to lashes without clumping.  It was easy to apply with a  good, thick formula. The formula includes Argan oil which nourishes your lashes and helps with an even application.

The only thing I didn’t like about this mascara was removal. They really aren’t kidding when they say waterproof. My normal face wash didn’t remove any of it, so I pulled out my makeup remover. The makeup remover took most of it off, but I was left with some mascara residue. I also saw a few lashes come out as I was trying to remove the mascara.

IMG_9384The look you get from this mascara is worth the $20 price tag. I’m just not sure it’s worth the removal process.Second in my bag was Bare Minerals 5-In-1 BB Cream Eyeshadow in Divine Wine. It’s a dark-muave-taupe-ish color. However you want to describe it, I love it. The cap of the tube has an attached brush for application. The texture is a cream that turns to a creamy-eyeshadow-powder once applied to your lid.

The 5-in-1 is for the five uses this eyeshadow has: long wear, primer, brightener, smooth and protect with an SPF 15. So you can use this BB cream eyeshadow for any of these uses. I wouldn’t use Divine Wine as a primer or brightener, but definitely other shades like Barely Nude or Candlelit Peach.

All in all, I like this eyeshadow, although I’m not to keen on the $18 price tag for only 3ml.

Next in my bag is the Lord & Berry Kajal Stick. First off the sample is smaller..Ipsy usually does better than this. The cap is almost as big as the eyeliner itself. As far as the formula goes, it needs a lot of work. It goes on great with a smooth clean line. It just doesn’t last. The eyeliner tends to smear.

Lord & Berry’s online store is currently under construction so I can’t find an exact price. Other online makeup stores are selling the full size eyeliner for around $18. I would say this definitely isn’t worth that. I prefer the Urban Decay Black Velvet Eyeliner for just $2 more. It actually stays in place all day!

IMG_9341Next I got Hang Ten SPF 08 Dark Tanning Oil. First I have to say thank you to all the sunscreen companies for upping their SPFs! Looking at the sunscreen aisle, I see less and less SPF 04s and 02s. In the past, I only tanned with SPF 04 or less, including just no sunscreen at all. Now it’s hard to find anything below 08 and it is always on the lowest shelf, where you’re less likely to look.

I’ve received a Hang Ten sunscreen in a past Ipsy and loved it! I was eager to test out their tanning oil. I sprayed it on all over at the pool and was surprised at IMG_9344how non-greasy the forumla was. I didn’t look like I had just covered myself in baby oil. The other huge plus about this tanning oil is that it’s water resistant for up to 40 minutes. I jumped in the pool to cool off and lay back down and could tell I still had tanning oil on.

The all natural formula smells great and you’ll feel better for not spraying any harsh chemicals on your skin. The price is $11.99 for an 8oz bottle.


The last item in my Ipsy was Marrakesh Endz. This is a split-end mender that uses argan oil and hemp seed oil. It claims to repair your split ends and prevent future split ends.

I haven’t noticed my split ends magically binding back together, but they do feel more smooth. The smell of Marrakesh Endz is amazing. I’m going to continue using each morning before styling my hair. Hopefully I’ll see some big improvement. If not, it’s still great for just the smell! The price for this tube is $5.99 for the 1oz tube and $17.99 for the 4oz bottle.

I’m really happy with July’s Ipsy bag and it was definitely worth my $10! I would  definitely buy Big Look Mascara, Hang Ten Dark Tanning Oil and bareMinerals BB Cream Eyeshadow!

If you want to learn more about Ipsy, check out the tab at the top of the page!



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