Embracing Your Natural Hair

The amount of damage I’ve caused to my hair over the past 10 years is way too much to measure. Extremely hot flat irons, curling irons, hair dryers, hair color, hairspray, hair-ties and even just over brushing has caused me tons of split-ends.

It seems every six months I have to cut off at least one to two inches just because of damage. For anyone trying to grow their hair out, cutting an inch every few months can be a let down after all the hard work. If you just don’t cut your hair and choose to keep the damaged ends, you’ll often find your hair just stops growing.

Those options get you no where. Here’s my solution: embrace your natural hair! Curly or straight, you can make it work! I have first hand experience here.

For one month this past spring, I went without using any hot tools or a hair brush on my hair. Yes, a whole month! I have naturally curly hair so I was able to just let it go. I added some hairspray to give it some volume every day, but that is it. No hair dryer, no curling iron, no combs or brushes. Sure not all those days were good hair days (AKA messy-bun days) and I really just wanted to run a flat iron over it, but I didn’t!

 Not brushing or applying heat made a difference. I would always have hair come out when I brushed my hair before. Now there was no brushing, so that was eliminated, and I saw less hair on my shower floor. This helped my natural hair look more voluminous and not flat like it used to when I only occasionally wore it natural.

After I hit the one month mark, I washed, dried and straightened my hair for the first time in what felt like forever. I noticed an immediate difference in the texture, thickness and even more noticeable was the length! My friends even noticed the difference in length.

Natural Before & After

 I wish I would have taken an exact measurement from before and after, but I wasn’t thinking about posting a blog then! Getting growth results like this made my month of natural hair well worth it. It also really cut down on damage to my hair.

Since my natural hair experiment, I’ve made an effort to wear my natural hair more often. It’s also easier in the morning when getting ready. Natural hair plus my 3-minute-face meant more time for sleep. We all know sleep is crucial to any college student.

 I highly suggest trying this out! Whether it’s for a month, two weeks or however long, you’ll see a difference! Summer is a great time to try going natural!

You should have your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks if you’re trying to add length. Make sure to communicate with your stylist you are trying to keep length so they will only trim what is necessary! Cutting off the damaged ends will help your hair grow faster. Combining regular trims with a month of natural hair will lead to great results.

Look out for my posts on ways to wear your hair while it’s natural.  I already have a lot of ideas for easy hairstyles. There are plenty of options so your month of natural doesn’t have to be boring!



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